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Benefits of Hiring A Nanny

The primary advantages of a nanny over other forms of childcare are flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind knowing that your child is being cared for by a trusted person in the safe environment of your own home. Additionally, a nanny will provide your children with more personal care and attention than they would receive in an out-of-home child care environment.

A nanny can assist your family from as little as a few hours a week to several hours each day or even in a full-day capacity. The roles that a nanny can take for your family include:

  • Solving family transport problems by taking children to and from school and after-school appointments
  • Helping your children improve their marks by assisting them with school work and supervising their homework
  • Providing care and companionship for your children
  • Providing your family with other services requiring transport such as grocery shopping and collecting post
  • Assisting your family with the preparation of meals
  • Engaging in stimulating games and activities with your children
  • Providing you with a trusted occasional babysitting option